Have you heard of PitchEngine yet? I came across this cool site recently and though you might find it interesting!

The traditional Press Release has now evolved into the Social Media Release (“SMR”), which you can now share for free. The evolution of all things Web 2.0 has provided a new platform for Press Releases to integrate your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and easily embed video and audio, along with the usual text. No technical skills are needed, and you can create as many company brand accounts that you want for free.

PitchEngine is the new one-stop answer for larger PR firms, small businesses or anyone on a budget with their public relations campaign wanting to cast a wide net with their message. As a social platform, it provides the means of virally spreading your SMR to the social media sites and networks, journalists, bloggers, and your SMR is also picked up by Google News.

A quick overview:

Your easy-to-share SMR package can be edited even after it s been made live;

Your release is hosted free for 30 days and then expires, with the option to purchase a subscription for a more permanent social media newsroom;

Provides an ideal solution for journalists and media, allowing search filters for stories they re looking for;

After your SMR is saved, PitchEngine provides sharing capabilities to your Facebook profile and your Twitter followers with an option to personalize your message to suit your relevant audience;

Not only aimed for the media, PitchEngine has made press release more social and suitable for both consumers and your friends and followers;

They provide a video tutorial, blog, lots of instructions, and an easy to use application for any business wanting to integrate their Press Release with the dynamic world of Social Media!

PitchEngine is yet another powerful tool ready to be leveraged to get your message out virally. Another Web 2.0 Marketing tool to add to your arsenal!



Isn t it truly amazing to see how fast Internet Technology moves? Just when you think you have mastered a particular technology or skill, a new one pops up!

Well, I have been following the whole new phenomenon of “Live Blogging” as of late and have been brainstorming ways that I can incorporate this into my own business endeavors.

For those of you new to this concept, “Live Blogging” is simply offering ”live coverage” of a particular event you are running via an “Instant Message” style web application loaded on to your blog. Let s say you are attending a particular Internet Business Conference and would like to broadcast live commentary to your Blog readers of your experience and what you are learning, then you might want to take advantage of a tool like Coveritlive.

CoveritLive s Web-based software allows you to publish your commentary on your own event or another event you might be attending in real time just like Instant Message. They also offer “one-click” publishing for uploading polls, videos, pictures and audio clips. For example; you might use an “UltraFlip Camera” at an event to shoot some video that you can then quickly upload on you blog through their “Media Uploader” tool.

In addition to offering interactive polls to your audience on the fly, you can also bring in a “panel” of experts that can provide commentary on this event as it is unfolding. How cool is that? It also offers a “Instant Replay” feature for those readers that missed the live blog session.

CoveritLive is a free application and very easy to integrate! You simply set-up the event via their user-friendly interface and cut and paste the script into your respective blog post and you are off to the races!

Watch for my first live blogging event coming to you shortly! Maybe I wil live blog the finale of “Americas Got Talent”:)